On Returning to Writing



Perhaps I’ll never be able to precisely communicate how a person could intermittently abandon his passion for almost eight years, but there are many things probably none of us can truly understand until we have experienced them. Sometimes we experience them and still struggle to understand what took place. When I could’ve used my passion the most I pushed it away, just like I pushed away those who could’ve help me. I ran from the familiar and provocative, too afraid of where they might take me.

Today, I face challenges but I’m overwhelmingly grateful for the inspiration I’ve received and exhilarated by the opportunities awaiting me. A twist here or there and things could be much different. In the words of John Bradford, “But for the grace of God, there goes John Bradford.”

I write because I’m a hopeless bibliophile obsessed with language. I love her endless beauty and respect her infinite potential. Countless people working through the ages brought us the most precious gift. It must never atrophy in the minds of well-intentioned individuals from lack of carefully crafted application. Her sounds enthrall, nuances intrigue, slippery subtleties captive, and her roots—often tangled, seldom shallow, and sometimes nebulous—tell the tales of who we were as we doggedly design what we might become.


Photo by TewTam LLC Fine Art Photography and Painting. tewtam.com





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