A Brief Thought on Scott Weiland (27 Oct. ’67- 3 Dec. ’15)


Scott Weiland’s internal war frequently created uncommonly brilliant fireworks, the type that leave indelible phosphorescence throughout corners of the brain tickled by odors and certain songs. Although he is remembered mostly for his many successes with Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” demonstrated his ability to meet greatness on its own terms. Slither is a captivating weave of contrasting rhythms, instrumentals, and vocalizations punctuated by staccato bursts on top of mesmerizing lyrics hinting at the battles Weiland fought. An irrepressible guitar riff shifting from choppy to crunching spins off into rising corkscrews of a drum-laden crescendo demanding some type of action—a quickened pulse, faster reps, more pressure on the accelerator… Weiland did not depend on a bridge or decline but met the instrumental intensity at its zenith like a blind man raging incandescently against a storm he knows will eventually consume him but not before he rises to meet its ferocity.


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