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Flash Fiction Challenge: Food Unchained

Posted on February 20, 2016 by Administrators

(Photo copyright K. S. Brooks. Do not use without attribution.)

Preston extended his arms and gestured around expansively. “It is pure Americana, snookums. I tell you, no one else is doing this. There is a fortune to be made here.”

Marina scowled, impatiently clicking her Prada heels on the floor. “Yes, the place is positively reeking of prosperity.”

“People complain all the time about chain restaurants replacing everything. What if there secretly was a chain of little diners like this – all different – unconnected by a unifying brand?”

Marina ran her finger over a dingy countertop. “Oh, I don’t know. Widespread food poisoning?”

Preston knew he needed Marina’s financial backing to make it happen, so he had to find a way to warm her to the notion…


(My material follows…)


Marina’s Van Cleef & Arpels compact snapped shut. Preston sighed imperceptibly, taking care not to further agitate Marina before turning on a heel.  “Coming, my dear.”

That old bitterness filled his palate again, but he hadn’t attained success without setbacks and hard work. Preston gained the esteem of Marina’s father by becoming his most valued employee. He couldn’t blame Marina for being born into such favor. When he promised her dying father he’d care for her he never imagined that promise would lead to marriage.

Being her husband pulled him increasingly away from work until it practically was his work. Benefits were marvelous, but Preston missed building successful entrepreneurial teams that embraced his core values—the same ethical values embraced by Marina’s father. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t start any venture without Marina’s approval.

Before Marina had secured her compact a little beauty pageant winner, still wearing her sash and crown, skipped through the door like a photo leaping off a wall. She smiled at Marina. “Hello. Isn’t this place marvelous? The shakes are simply sensational!”

“Adrianna, no talking to strangers.”

“Yes, Mother, but she’s a lady. May I sit in a swivel chair?”

Marina smiled wistfully at the girl before bowing her head. Realizing the girl looked identical to one he’d seen so often in picture frames and albums, Preston handed Marina his handkerchief before squeezing her shoulder.

“Preston, do all of these little diners have swivel chairs?”

“If not, I’m sure it could be arranged, my dear.”


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5 thoughts on “Snapshot

    1. You’ve given me something to think about. That’s an unexpected reply (at least from my initial perspective), but I think it shows how actions can be interpreted a multitude of ways—especially in flash fiction. While one person might laud Preston’s patience another might see allusions of passive-aggressiveness, especially when we start making concessions for sarcasm and similar sentiments. The constraints of flash fiction are often its strengths, yet even within its limits there may often be room to create comfort with something that’s not as it appears to be and discomfort from an unexpected source. How wonderful to pursue a craft that has virtually infinite possibilities, a craft even the greatest writers have proclaimed is mastered by no one. Thanks for commenting!

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