On the Horizon: Upcoming Plans

Hello! I just submitted a story I really enjoyed writing. I’d like to post it here, but that would disqualify the submission. Unless something changes, however, I will be posting my Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge story each week. Rules permit me to do so without invalidating my entry. If you like a story, please vote for it via the link on my FB page—which can be accessed through this site despite the red-lettered error message. (Just ignore that.)

You can also visit www.indiesunlimited.com and vote from the Flash Fiction link. If you’re a writer, the site offers some helpful columns and the fun Flash Fiction Challenge (which is limited to 250 words). I wasn’t crazy about the idea of flash fiction initially, but “challenge” is an appropriate word because the format challenges me to economize in an instructive fashion. I suspect it’s refined my writing, editing, and planning skills in ways I have yet to recognize.

Please use the comments section. You don’t have to comment on a story or a post. You can ask a question about it. You can ask anything you want. If it’s about calculus or something like that, I probably won’t be able to provide a good answer. But you’re free to ask! Enjoy!


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