Og’s Idea

IU Og’s Idea

Flash Fiction Challenge: Og’s Idea

Posted on February 27, 2016 by Administrators (Photo copyright K. S. Brooks.)



Og hunts alone now. The others think Og is bad luck, so they send him away.

This makes things very difficult for Og. There are no helpers. No one to watch for spearmouths when Og sleeps. No one to help chase game.

Mostly, Og eats nuts and berries, but the season is almost over and the cold time will be here. Og does not know what to do.

He sits down by the water. There is a bush there with little leafcrawlers on the vines. Og tries a leafcrawler. Yuck! Og throws it in the water. As soon as bug hits the water, a fish jumps up and takes it.

Fish would be good to eat, but going in water is dangerous. Og gets an idea…


(My conclusion follows…)


Og builds a fire. Dancing flames soothe loneliness. Warmth feels good. Og remembers when he saved Nam from a bear.

But the breeze shifts. Smoke fills Og’s nostrils. Og remembers the blood moon and the burning sky. He remembers the big black bird landing on his kill. Og remembers the bird flapping its wings and making awful sounds. It was a sign. The elders said it was a sign Og made the gods angry and caused the burning sky.

Og cries. When his tears dry he remembers his plan. He will build a boat. The elders used a boat to bring him here. Og will float to the warm place in his dreams. Or Og will die.

Ocean waves overwhelm Og. He cries. Og thinks the elders were right. The gods hate Og.

Og is drowning when noise wakes him. He gets scared. Og climbs a tree and watches many strange men.

One man approaches. Og sees skin only on his face. “Hello. Do you understand me?”

“Og hears.”

“I see.” The man rubs his hairless chin. “I am friend. Our ship, our boat is broken. We must fix. Many days.”

“Og help.” Og climbs down.

“And Og’s friends?”

“Og bad luck. Og alone.”

“I see.”

“Og has berries. Og sees bears. Og and…” Og points at the man.


“Og and Captain kill bears together.”


“You help Og build boat? Too cold here. Og must leave.”

The captain points at his vessel. “Og will have boat.”


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