Lightning Strikes Twice

It’s alive and electric! My second novel, Lightning Strikes Twice, debuted on Channillo today. Please follow the link below for more information. Also, below the book info there is an explanation of why I partnered with Channillo.


Why I Chose Channillo

When Channillo expressed interest in my writing, I researched the site independently. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. After I decided to apply, I had to complete an extensive application process. It was lots of work, but it definitely deepened my trust in Channillo.

Channillo not only offers opportunity for emerging writers but also provides an effective venue for authors to meet other writers who can offer advice or help them find support services. Proceeds from one of the series I’m reading so far goes to charity. Channillo encourages authors to support charities if they are not writing for profit. I hope that’s a luxury I can eventually afford.

Some Channillo series many not be for everyone because the format is serial. Some people might not like waiting for the next chapter(s). However, if you’re in that group you can subscribe to completed series.

I am frankly a happy subscriber. I’m particularly impressed by two series in particular, which appear below. But you might not like that genre. Channillo offers a wide variety. I’m really pleased that Channillo offers collections of short stories. Subscriptions start at only five dollars per month for ten different issues.. Some people might not like that certain offerings take several months to read if they start reading at first release. Again, Channillo offers completed works and even allows subscribers to drop a series to exchange it for another. Happy reading!

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