Returing via First Flames

Perhaps like lots of people, I’m still struggling to find balance in my life. When I was writing all the time, everything else got neglected. But I’ve done some catching up and should be able to gradually fit writing into a routine, if I can just make myself stick to a routine. (I miss writing flash fiction on at least a semi-regular basis!) Of course, I completed about two-thirds of my first novel by writing only thirty to sixty minutes per day almost every day at approximately the same time of day after work. Then I abandoned it for many years, but that’s another story.

I’ve also received some good news. “First Flames” was accepted for publication by Aphelion Flash Fiction & Short Stories. ( As a person intrigued by the universe and a writer inspired by the cosmos, aphelion and its corresponding perihelion are two of my favorite words! Well, I’ll be posting a story link on August 7th, the publication date.

Meanwhile, happy writing and reading to everyone. I look forward to reconnecting through fiction and commentary in the hopefully imminent future.


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